Disease Prevention

Community members in hard to reach areas hand washing to prevent COVID 19 in W. Nile


COVID19 pandemic in Uganda has confirmed over 1000 cases with24 in Arua- West Nile. State of panic is a threat to community transmission. Government announced extreme lock-down measures which include; ban on public gatherings, transport and stay home to prevent the community transmission. Community awareness about virus transmission, signs and symptoms, preventive measures such as social distancing, hand washing with soap, disinfecting hands, surfaces, etc, are unknown in rural poor areas with limited networks. As lockdown begins to eased, there is a threat of second phase of the Pandemic unless communities are knowledgeable and observe preventive measures


The world faces a global health crisis due to the Corona virus pandemic which continues to spread. While all countries need to respond to COVID-19, those with existing humanitarian crises are particularly vulnerable, and less equipped and unable to strengthen community systems in a sustainable manner unless supported. Uganda has so far confirmed 900cases,24 of whom are admitted in Arua. Though over 900 cases have recovered, the pandemic has created panic and stigma with risk of community spreading as economic situation worsens especially among the poor communities in west Nile..


Communities along the boarders are at higher risk, we will train and empower  village health team volunteers to conduct home visits with IEC material and sensitize families about the Corona virus transmission, signs and symptoms and preventive measures, establish hand washing facilities at every homestead, provide soap to the families in approximately 1000 homesteads. These VHTs will be supported with PPE, incentives to be able to ride on bicycles from home to home and make referrals to HCs

Long-Term Impact

The preventive measures for the COVID-19 will be integrated into the community health structures for the iCCM(Integrated management of Malaria, Pneumonia, Diarrhea and Malnutrition), hence the same funding for iCCM will be expected to continue the awareness and over time to prevent community transmission of COVID-19, hence reduction in morbidity and mortality related to COVID-19 at community level as members become informed and follow social distancing, keep clean by hand washing with soap and  not touching the eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands.

The budget for this project is 50000 USD

SNAmount ($)Description
110Print 20 IEC materials on COVID-19 for awareness
220Print 20 IEC materials on COVID-19 for awareness
350Will buy 1carton of soap and sponsor 2 VHTs to do sensitization for 1 day
4100Will sponsor 2 community sensitization sessions for 100 people with social distancing
5200will print 100 IEC materials and sponsor 2 community awareness sessions for 100 people with social distancing
6500Can train 25 VHTS on COVID-19 and preventive measures
71000Procure 10 hand washing facilities, 10 cartons of soap, print 400 IEC materials and Support 10 VHTS,
83000Can establish community information centre for COVID19 and equip with computer, printer, furniture and libray materials for public
IHDI project manager carrying out awareness on COVID 19 prevention among OPD patients in Riki Health Canter III in Arua August 2020. On the right is Midwife who integrates the ANC services with COVID 19 Awareness

School Health

IHDI staff sensitizing Pupils in Riki on HIV and AIDS, Malaria, Hepatitis and de-worming before covid 19. Disease prevention among the children is key to sustainable class performance and some can extend that home for the benefit of their families
Headmaster-Riki-primary-school-Right-talking-to-IHDI-team-during-COVID-19-assessment.-He-is-optimistic-that-schools-could-open-in-September-2020. On-left-is-Arumadri-Joel-IHDI-project -manager.
August 7, 2020